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Adjective and its types | Adjective Meaning

Adjective and its types : (Adjective) : The word from which the attribute of a noun or pronoun is described is called an adjective.

➥ Adjectives are describe or modify other words, generally placed before noun or pronoun.

➥ Multiple adjectives may contain in one sentence.

Example :
➥ Ganesh live in a big city.
➥ Bhavi is very beautiful.

Adjective and its types :

Adjectives are very easy to identify. First identify the noun or pronoun of the sentence.
Then ask him questions like how, how much, which, where etc.

➤ In the above sentence, “Ganesh”, “Bhavi” are the nouns. also “big” and “very beautiful” are the Adjectives.

➥ In which city did Ganesh live? – Then we will get the answer – (big)
➥ How is the Bhavi ? – Then we will get the answer -(very beautiful)

Adjective and its types :

➽ Types of Adjective : There are seven types of Adjective.
1. Descriptive Adjective
2. Quantitative Adjective
3. Demonstrative Adjective
4. Numeral Adjective
5. Interrogative Adjective
6. Distributive Adjectives
7. Possessive Adjective

➤ Let’s see each types in detailed :

1. Descriptive Adjective or Adjective of Quality :

The adjective which describe the qualities of the object like color, shape, size and quality is called Descriptive Adjective.
Example :
➥ India is a beautiful country in the world.
➦ Japan is a very advanced country.
➥ Vedanti has a red frock.

➤ In the sentence above “beautiful”, “very advanced” and “red” are adjectives.

2. Quantitative Adjective :

The adjective which describe the quantity of the object is called Quantitative AdjectiveExample :
➥ Harsh drink a half liter of milk.
➦ Tanmayee eats a little food.
➥ Harshali has brought five meters of cloth.

➤ In the sentence above “half liter”, “little” and “five meters” are adjectives.

It can be classified in two subtypes :

a) Definite Quantitative Adjective :

These adjective shows the definite number of object.
Example : half liter, quarter meter etc.

b) Indefinite Quantitative Adjective :

These adjective shows the indefinite number of object.
Example : some meter, few boundaries, extra books etc.

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3. Demonstrative Adjective :

The pronoun which comes before the noun, and the attribute of the noun, is called a Demonstrative adjective.
➥ That guy does a good job.
➦ This movie is really good.
➥ Your dress is very pretty.

➤ In the sentence above “that”, “this” and “your” are adjectives.

4. Numeral Adjective :

The adjective which describe the quantity of the object in a specific numbers is called a Numeral Adjective.
➥ Ashish has eaten two fruits.
➦ Vishal has five friends.
➥ Harshali has brought four liters of milk.

➤ In the sentence above “two”, “five” and “four” are numeral adjectives.

5. Interrogative Adjective :

The adjective word which is used to ask the question to identify the noun, is called a Interrogative Adjective.
➥ What thing have you brought?
➦ Whose book is this?
➥ Which options will you select ?
➤ In the sentence above “what”, “whose” and “which” are adjectives.

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6. Distributive Adjectives :

The adjective word shows whether noun is taken singly or as a group, is called a Distributive Adjective.
➥ Raman gave every boy a book.
➥ All students to gather in the ground.

➤ In the sentence above “every”, “all” are adjectives.

7. Possessive Adjective :

The adjective word shows the possession, is called a Possessive Adjective.
➥ This is my brother.
➦ That is your pen.
➥ Those are their uniforms.

➤ In the sentence above “my”, “your” and “their” are adjectives.

Possessive Adjective can be classified into following three subtypes :
➤ First Person : my, our
➣ Second Person : your
➤ Third Person : his, theirs, her, its


QUIZ : Adjective and its types

Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

➤ Identify the Correct Adjective.

1 / 6

1. It was kind of Manoj to help the old man.

2 / 6

2. We should not eat raw vegetable.

3 / 6

3. My mother got me expensive toys.

4 / 6

4. She is too proud to admit her faults.

5 / 6

5. Akash is stronger than Mahesh.

6 / 6

6. You should clean your teeth twice in a day.

Your score is

The average score is 83%


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