Noun Definition and types

Noun Definition and types | What is Noun

Noun Definition and types – English Grammar : The name given to people, objects, birds, animals, places and fictional elements, feelings or qualities, that name is called ‘Noun’.

Example : Pen, Book, Bharat, Vedanti, Tree, Elephant, Sparrow, Mango, Water, River, Sky etc.

➥ There is a name to address every object in the universe, and that name is called noun.

➥ Let’s see some more examples, will clear your basic idea:

1) ‘Mumbai’ is the name of the city.
2) ‘Soul’ is the name element which is not visible.
3) ‘Nature’ is the name of quality.
4) ‘Fairy’ is the name of the fictional person.

Noun in Marathi | नाम म्हणजे काय ?

In Short: The name is given to a living or non-living, visible or invisible or imaginary element, emotions, things, or property is called ‘Noun’.

What are nouns, its definition, and examples?

Adverb in Marathi | क्रियाविशेषण अव्यय


QUIZ : Noun and it types :

Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

➤ Choose a suitable noun from the sentence :

1 / 6

1. We went to Ooty in the month of September.

2 / 6

2. Rahul has finished reading a book by William Shakespeare.

3 / 6

3. How many students are there in the school bus?

4 / 6

4. The lead that is used in a pencil is actually a metal.

5 / 6

5. The tables was rather dirty ?

6 / 6

6. Swara placed all the books neatly.

Your score is

The average score is 62%


इतर लिंक्स :
➥ मराठी रंग :
➦ विशेषण व विशेषणाचे प्रकार
➥ सर्वनामाचे प्रकार

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