Conjunction in Marathi

Types of Conjunction in English

Types of Conjunction in English: Conjunction | Conjunction-definition | What is a conjunction :

Conjunction – Meaning & Examples: A word that joins two words or clauses or sentences and shows the relation between them is called Conjunction.

A Conjunction :
➤ Conjunction should be distinguished from relative pronouns, relative adverbs, and prepositions.
➤ Some conjunctions are always used in pairs.

Examples :
➥ Rudra reads books and novels.
➦ Mohan is good to look but not liable.
➥ You play Kho-Kho and I am playing cricket.

➤ In the above sentences “and”, “but”, and “and” are conjunctions.

There are three types :

➽ There are three types of Conjunction.
1] Coordinating conjunctions
2] Subordinating conjunctions
3] Correlative conjunctions

1] Coordinating conjunctions :

The conjunction which is used to connect two words or phrases that are grammatically equal importance in the sentence is called Coordinating conjunctions.

➤ A Coordinating Conjunction is also called a coordinator.
➤ A Coordinating Conjunctions are: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, Soon
We can make a one-word of highlighted characters to remember it e.g. : F A N B O Y S.

Examples :
➥ I am right but you are not.
➦ Bhavi was busy yet she talked to me.
➥ Vedanti took him home and gave him food.

➤ In the above sentences “but”, “yet”, and “and” are conjunctions.

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2] Subordinating conjunctions :

The conjunction which is used to connect two independent and the dependent clause is called Subordinating conjunctions.

➤ A Subordinating Conjunctions is also called a subordinator.
➤ Subordinating conjunctions are : Before, As, Although, Until , Though, Where, Once, Whether etc.

Examples :
➥ The mob dispersed before the police arrived.
➦ Grishma did not act as her mother wished.
➥ Akash went to the zoo where he saw a giraffe.
➦ Swara wait here until I come.

➤ In the above sentences “before”, “as”, “where”, and “until” are conjunctions.

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3] Correlative conjunctions :

The conjunction which is used in pairs in the sentence to joint different words or groups of words is called Correlative conjunctions.

➤ A Correlative Conjunction are :
➨ Either …. nor
➦ Neither …. nor
➨ Both …. and
➦ Though…. yet
➨ Whether…. or
➦ Not only…. but also

Examples :
➥ Ashish may buy either a cricket bat or a tennis racket.
➦ Both the phone and the tab are good for me.
➥ Tanmayee likes neither math nor science.
➦ He can’t eat it whether too hot or too spicy.
➥ Harshal is like not only reading but also writing.

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इतर लिंक्स :
➥ मराठी रंग :
➦ विशेषण व विशेषणाचे प्रकार
➥ सर्वनामाचे प्रकार

Conjunction | Types of conjuction

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