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Preposition Examples | Types of Preposition

Preposition Examples | Preposition definition : A word that is placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person/ thing denoted by it stand in regard to something else is called preposition.
⇴ The word preposition means : that which is placed before noun or pronoun.
⇴ A preposition joins a noun to a noun, a noun to an adjective and a noun to a verb.

Example :
➥ Ramesh is a founder of group.
➦ Grishma put a cup on the desk.
➥ The panther jumped off the tree.

In the above sentences “of”, “on”, “off” are the preposition.

➽ Something more about preposition :
Prepositions do not have any other form. They cannot be plural, possessive, inflection, or anything else.
Preposition can have two or more nouns.

Example :
➥ Vishal can go by road or air.

➽ Few words are used sometimes as adverbs and sometimes as prepositions. It’s a matter of where and how it is used in the sentences.

Example :
➥ I have not seen him before. – Adverbs
➥ Vishal came that before me. – Preposition

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➽ Most of the time preposition is placed before its object, but sometimes it follows the object.

Example :
➥ This is the pen which you asked for.

Preposition Examples | Types of Prepositions :

➽ Types of Prepositions are made based on their use in a sentence :

1) Prepositions of place
2) Prepositions of time
3) Prepositions of movement

1) Prepositions of place : This preposition word indicates the place or location of the object.
Example : AT – At home, In – In the school, On – On the road.

2) Prepositions of time : This preposition word indicate the time or date of the object.
Example : AT – At midnight, In – In the evening, On – On March 27th.

3) Prepositions of movement : This preposition word shows the movement of the object.
Example : Into, over, with, across, towards etc.

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इतर लिंक्स :
➥ मराठी रंग :
➦ विशेषण व विशेषणाचे प्रकार
➥ सर्वनामाचे प्रकार

Prepositional Phrase

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