Types of nouns

Types of Nouns | Kinds of Nouns

Types of Nouns : There are four types of Nouns:

1] Common nouns
2] Proper nouns
3] Collective nouns
4] Abstract nouns


A name for a single category or class is called ‘Common Noun’.

➥ Common Noun means a general name for person, place or things.

Example : Animal, Teacher, Doctor, Boy, Girl, Student, Country etc.


A name for a specific thing or class unit is called ‘Proper Noun’.

➥ Proper Noun means a special name for person, place or thing.

➥ It is more specific, it has an individual name in a group or class.

Example : Akash, S.S. High School, Bharat, Maharashtra, Moha Village etc.

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A specific name for a group of things, people and class is called ‘Collective Noun’.

➥ Collective Noun means a special name for group of person, places, thing or collection.

➥ It is expressing the group name in specific class.

Example : Army, Class, Family, Flock of sheep, Team, Staff, audience etc.


A Word that name of things that cannot be seen or touched is called ‘Abstract Noun’.

➥ Abstract Noun means a name for feelings, thoughts, qualities, emotions, events, ideas etc.

Example : Fear, Peace, Honesty, Joy, Faith, Death, Knowledge, Birthday etc.

There is two more types of noun that is “Countable & Uncountable” nouns :
Note : These type of nouns are depend on the use of noun in the sentence.

a] Countable Noun :

A Word of noun that can be countable is called ‘Countable Noun’.

➥ These nouns have in forms, singular as well as plural.

➦ In singular they can be preceded by ‘a’ or ‘an’.

➥ Most of the nouns are covered in this form (including above types).

Example : a tea, a tree, an elephant, etc.

b] Uncountable Noun :

A Word of noun that cannot be countable is called ‘Uncountable Noun’.

➥ These nouns rarely have in plural forms.

➥ Most of the abstract nouns are covered in this form.

Example : Happiness, kindness, rain, flour, stars etc.

इतर लिंक्स :
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