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Types of Pronouns | Pronouns

Types of Pronouns | Pronouns:

A word which is stands for name, person, place, thing and group of people or things is called Pronoun.
⇴  A Pronoun is used to avoid repetition of the same noun to correct the sentence.

Example :
➥ I, you, we, us, she, him, her, then etc.

➽ Here we are giving one more example in detailed :
Example :
Bhavi is very good girl. -Bhavi loves to go to school. Bhavi always do her home-work in time.

Instead of this we can use pronouns to refer Bhavi.

Example :
Bhavi is very good girl. She loves to go to school. She always do her home-work in time.

Types of Pronouns : 

➽ Types of Pronouns : There are seven types of pronouns.

1. Personal Pronoun
2. Relative Pronoun
3. Demonstrative Pronoun
4. Reflexive or Intensive Pronoun
5. Interrogative Pronoun
6. Indefinite Pronouns
7. Possessive Pronoun

➤ Let’s see each types in detailed :

1. Personal Pronoun :

The pronoun word which is indicating to a person is called ‘Personal Pronouns’.

There are three subtypes of Personal Pronoun. Because conversation or writing is usually made up of three elements. First talking about our self, second with whom we talks and third talking about someone else, who is not present at that time.

All these, three are related to a person, that’s why these pronouns are called Personal pronouns.

a] First Person Pronouns :
The pronoun that we use when speaking or writing about ourselves is called First Person Pronouns.

Example : I, me, we, mine, you, ours, ourselves, etc.
➥ I learned to read.
➥ We played together today.

b] Second Person Pronouns :
The pronoun that we use to refer to the person speaking in front us is called Second Person Pronouns.

Example : You, yours, yourself, etc.
➥ Where are you going?
➥ Will you play with us?

c] Third Person Pronouns :
The pronoun that we use to refer to a third person or thing is called Third Person Pronouns.

Example : He, she, those, they, their, him, her, them, etc.
➥ He does a lot of fun.
➥ They want to know it all?

2. Relative Pronoun :

The pronoun that we used to refer to the noun in the sentence is called Relative Pronoun.

Example : who, whose, whom, that, which etc.
 The book which I want is not in the library.

3. Demonstrative Pronoun :

The pronoun that is used to indicate near or distant objects is called Demonstrative Pronoun.

Example : this, that, those, these, such etc.
 ➥ These flowers are really good.

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4. Reflexive or Intensive Pronoun:

The pronoun that is used when the action done by a person is directed back to the person is called Reflexive or Intensive Pronoun.

➣ Again these are in three types :
a] First Person: myself, ourselves etc.
➥  The cat hurt ourselves.

b] Second Person: Yourself, yourselves etc.
➥ You bought yourself a new book.

c] Third Person: himself, herself, itself, themselves etc.
➥ They themselves came and did their work.

5. Interrogative Pronoun :

The pronoun that is used to ask the question in a sentence is called the Interrogative Pronoun.

Example: what, who, whom, which, whose etc.
➥ Who gave you this book?

6. Indefinite Pronouns :

The pronoun that is used when an object doesn’t need to be specifically identified is called Indefinite Pronoun.

Example: all, some, few, nobody, everyone, etc.
➥ Everyone is ready to go.

7. Possessive Pronoun :

The pronoun that shows possession or ownership of a noun is called the Possessive Pronoun.

Example : mine, yours, theirs, ours etc.
➥ This house is mine.


QUIZ : Pronoun and it types :

Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

➤ Choose the correct Pronouns :

1 / 6

1. She kept all the books to herself.

2 / 6

2. The books which I am reading is taken from the library.

3 / 6

3. Who is that boy ?

4 / 6

4. My name is Reeta. I live in Pune.

5 / 6

5. Whose motorcylce are you driving?

6 / 6

6. She will do it in manner.

Your score is

The average score is 67%


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