Transport and Communication

Lesson No. 22: Transport and Communication – Question and Answers

Maharashtra Board Class 4 EVS Solution Chapter 22 – Transport and Communication

Std : Maharashtra Class 4
Subject : Environmental Studies Solution
Chapter: Transport and Communication.

Balbharati Maharashtra Board, Class 4 EVS-1 Solution Chapter 22: Transport and Communication, all question answers.

Marathi or English Medium Students of Standard 4 get here Transport and Communication full Exercise Solution. Let’s check the below:


Q. 1: Which means of communication can be used to promote pulse polio campaign in rural areas?
Ans: Nowadays, we have fast ways to talk to each other. In villages, things have gotten better than before. We can tell people about the polio drops by using announcements, polio posters, leaflets, TV, radio, and newspapers

Q. 2: What means of communication do you use to watch a cartoon film?
Ans: Television, mobile phones connecting with internet connection.

Q. 3. What is a textbook used for?
Ans: We use textbooks for studying because they are books that teach us about different things. We read and write in our textbooks to learn new lessons. People use textbooks to gain knowledge, learn facts, and understand different methods.


Q.1: What gave man the idea of the wheel?
Ans: Man use to see logs of wood and round boulder rolling down mountain slopes. It is thought that the observations gave him the idea of the wheel.

Q.2: What was used in olden day to transport goods?
Ans: In the olden days, people were used planks of wood to transport goods.

Q.3: How is water being transported since ancient times?
Ans: Since ancient times, people have transported water through pipes or canals.

Q.4: How is crude oil transported?
Ans: Crude oil is often transported from the oil well to the refinery through pipelines.

Q.5: What is called communication?
Ans: Obtaining or sending various types of information is called communication.


ABC (Answer)
1. To travel far from Earth a. A boatb. A Rocket
2. To carry heavy loads (On land) b. A Rocketc. A push car with wheels
3. To travel through waterc. A push car with wheelsa. A boat


Transport and Communication

Q.1: Which are the means of transport mentioned in the passage?
Ans: Bicycle, Train, Bullock Cart and Bike are the means of transport mentioned in the passage.

Q. 2: Which are the means of communications mentioned in the passage?
Ans: Letter, Greetings, Telephone and Computer are the means of communications mentioned in the passage.

Q. 3: Arrange the means of communication in order from the fastest to the slowest. Which of them have used?
Ans: Telephone, Computer and Letter.

Q.4 : The device mobile has not been represented by a picture. What is it used for?
Ans: The device mobile has not been represented by a picture is used to give a message.

Q.1: What led to the development of language?
Ans: The need for communication and sharing ideas led to the development of language.

Q.2: How did communication begin during the ancient times?
Ans: In ancient times, people communicated using spoken words, gestures, drawings, and symbols. They used these methods to share information and stories with each other, helping them survive and interact in their communities.

Ans: Movies and Television Shows

a) Radio b) Television c) Puppet Theater d) Cinema

Ans: c) Puppet Theater
Reason: Puppet theater involves live performances using puppets. It is different because it uses puppets controlled by people to tell stories. It’s not like radio, TV, or movies because it doesn’t use screens or speakers to show or tell things.

V) Recapitulation and Test:

Observe the picture and answer the questions given below:

Q. 1 : What act does the picture show?
Ans: The picture shows a magic show where the magician is performing his tricks.

Q. 2: What is the man in the picture doing?
Ans: The man in the picture is performing magic tricks to entertain the audience.

Q. 3: Have you seen such performance in your neighbourhood?
Ans: Yes, I have seen such performances in my neighborhood.

Q. 4: Make a list of similar acts that you know.
Ans: Similar acts that I know include:
a. Card tricks and sleight of hand
b. Levitating objects or people
c. Circus.
d. Puppet show.

Q. 5: Why do we watch such programmes?
Ans: We watch such programmes for entertainment and fun. They make us curious and excited because we wonder how the tricks work. They offer a break from our everyday life and feel amazed and surprised.

VI) Do and Learn:

Q.1: Which of the means of communication that we use at home are shown in the pictures? Put a (symbol of triangle) next to them.
Radio, TV, Internet, Newspaper and Mobile.

Q. 2: Which of the other means of communication have you seen before? Put a (Symbol of circle) next to them.
Ans: Pigeon, Public Proclamation (Davandi), Horse Rider Messenger, Postman

Q. 3: Find out about the remaining means of communication from your teacher.
Ans: Electronic Communication, Mass Communication, Telecommunication and Broadcast Communication.

VII) Creativity Corner:

Make posters to give the message of avoiding unnecessary use of means of transport and communication. Put up a small exhibition of the posters in your school.

Transport and Communication

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