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Active and Passive voice | What is active voice?

Active and Passive voice | | What is a Voice ?
In grammar, voice is the quality or feature of a verb which indicates whether its subject acts or is acted upon.

There are two special forms for verb called voice :
➥ Active Voice
➥ Passive Voice

Active vs Passive Voice: Let’s see What’s the Difference?

Active Voice :

In sentence when the subject is the acts/ doer of the action, is said to be in the ‘active voice’.

➥ The active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action describe by the verb.
➦ We generally use the active voice while expressing our day-to-day activities.
➥ It uses transitive verb to show the action.

Example :
➥ The teacher praised Bhavi.
➦ Vedanti kicked the ball.
➥ Tanmayee did not planned the trip.

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Passive Voice :

In sentence when the subject is not the acts/ doer of the action, is said to be in the ‘passive voice’.

➥ With passive voice, the subject is acted upon by the verb.
➦ You can be more straight forward with active voice.
➥ We use the passive voice when we want to make the active object more important or we do not know the active subject.
➦ Only a transitive verb can have a passive form.
➥ The passive voice is used for elaborating news headlines, writting stories and also for giving instructions.

Example :
➥ Bhavi was praised by the teacher.
➦ The ball was kicked by Vedanti.
➥ The trip was not planned by Tanmayee.

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Some more exmples :

Active VoicePassive Voice
Children love animails.Animals are loved by children.
Amit changed the flat tire.The flat tire was changed by Amit.
Asavari read the book in one day.The book was read by Asavari in one day.
Harsh cleaned the car.The car was cleaned by Harsh.
Grishma polished her shoes.The shoes were polished by Grishma.
Rudra gave him a book.The book was gaved by Rudra.
They called off the meeting.The meeting was called off.
The teacher taken the examination.The examination was taken by the teacher.

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इतर लिंक्स :
➥ मराठी रंग :
➦ विशेषण व विशेषणाचे प्रकार
➥ सर्वनामाचे प्रकार

What is active and passive voice example? What is the rule of active voice and passive voice? Active voice and passive voice rules, Voice: Active and Passive.

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