Family relationship names in English

Family relationship names in English : In this artcle we have given the answers of below questions. We have covered almost all family members.

What are family relationships ?
How do you name family relationships ?
What is the order of family relationships ?

Sr. No. RelationRelation’s Name
3.Father’s FatherGrandfather
4.Mother’s FatherGrandfather
5.Father’s MotherGrandmother
6.Mother’s MotherGrandmother
7.Grandfather’s fatherGreat Grandfather
8.Grandfather’s MotherGreat Grandmother
9.Father’s BrotherPaternal Uncle
10.Mother’s BrotherMaternal Uncle
11.Father’s SisterPaternal Aunt
12.Mother’s SisterMaternal Aunt
13.Farther’s Elder SonElder brother
14.Farther’s Sonbrother
15.Farther’s Elder DaughterElder Sister
16.Farther’s DaughterSister
17.Brother’s WifeSister-in-law
18.Sister’s HusbandBrother-in-law
19.Brother’s SonNephew
20.Sister’s SonNephew
21.Brother’s DaughterNiece
22.Sister’s DaughterNiece
23.Husband’s FatherFather-in-law
24.Wife’s FatherFather-in-law
25.Husband’s MotherMother-in-law
26.Wife’s MotherMother-in-law
27.Husband’s BrotherBrother-in-law
28.Wife’s BrotherBrother-in-law
29.Husband’s SisterSister-in-law
30.Wife’s SisterSister-in-law
31.Uncle’s/ Aunt’s DaughterCousin
32.Uncle’s/ Aunt’s Grand SonNephew
33.Daughter’s HusbandSon-in-law
34.Son’s wifeDaughter-in-law
35.Son’s SonGrand Son
36.Son’s DaughterGrand Daughter

Other Relations :

Sr. No. Relations’s NameRelations’s Name
5.NeighbourRelative / Relatives

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Family relationship names in English

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