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A Rainy Day Essay 1 | Best Essay For Kids

A Rainy Day Essay | A Rainy Day Essay For Kids: A rainy day essay for class 1 to class 7

A] A Rainy Day Essay For Kids #1: (100 words)

I just love rainy season the most. Today is a rainy day and it has been raining all day. My friends and I went outside to the playground and playing there in the rain. In the evening we saw a huge rainbow formed in the sky. It looked very beautiful.

The streets are full of water due to rain. My friends and I make prepare paper boats and leave them to floating in stagnant water. I like the fragrance of the first rain after a hot summer day. Rain makes the weather pleasant, cool which refreshes the mind. I enjoy getting wet in the first rain. I like to eat hot fried food in rainy days, especially bhaji.

B] A Rainy Day Essay For Kids #2: (100 words)

I just love rainy season very much. Rainy season is the favorite of all children. I love to get wet in the rain, to take the rain shower on my body. How the weather originally turns green, dew spreads in the atmosphere. Rainbows forming in the sky, cooler air, and school holidays due to heavy rain.

Actually, we are all suffering from heat and waiting for rain. Everyone wants rain. Farmers need rain for farming, for drinking, for storing water in dams. The water which is essential for our life is obtained only through rain, because of rain, plants take root. That is why we plant new trees and root them during monsoon. I like to eat hot fried food in rainy days. So I love rainy season very much.

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