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Birds are an integral part of a balanced ecosystem :

It is very true that birds are an integral part of a balanced ecosystem. Today, we are destroying our planet result of that the balance of the environment is deteriorating. Both the animals and the birds are responsible for maintaining the environment. Animals and birds are both integral components of the environment.

Animals live on the land while birds fly in the sky. That's why, the living things that fly in the sky with feathers and wings will be called birds. Birds are the secondary predators in the food-chain, whereas in the some food-chain they are the top predators.

Birds are the spreading seeds in the environment. Sometimes they do the work of pollination, while sometimes the birds feed on the environment by eating small insects or ants to big dead animals. These birds also work to feed insects and ants. These pests destroy the crops, thus protecting the crops. In this way, the birds are well positioned in the environment, helping to maintain the true balance of the environment.

Therefore I would like to say that the birds are an integral part of a balanced environment.

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