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Preposition :

A word that is placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person/ thing denoted by it stand in regard to something else is called preposition.
The word preposition means : that which is placed before noun or pronoun.
A preposition joins a noun to a noun, a noun to an adjective and a noun to a verb.

Example :
➥ Ramesh is a founder of group.
➥ Grishma put a cup on the desk.
➥ The panther jumped off the tree.

In the above sentences "of", "on", "off" are the preposition.

➽ Something more about preposition :
Prepositions do not have any other form. They cannot be plural, possessive, inflection, or anything else.
Preposition can have two or more nouns.

Example :
➥ Vishal can go by road or air.

➽ Few words are used sometimes as adverbs and sometimes as prepositions. It’s a matter of where and how it is used in the sentences.

Example :
➥ I have not seen him before. - Adverbs
➥ Vishal came that before me. - Preposition

➽ Most of the time preposition is placed before its object, but sometimes it follows the object.

Example :
➥ This is the pen which you asked for.

Types of Prepositions are made based on their use in a sentence :

1) Prepositions of place
2) Prepositions of time
3) Prepositions of movement

1) Prepositions of place : This preposition word indicates the place or location of the object.
Example : AT - At home, In - In the school, On - On the road.

2) Prepositions of time : This preposition word indicate the time or date of the object.
Example : AT - At midnight, In - In the evening, On - On March 27th.

3) Prepositions of movement : This preposition word shows the movement of the object.
Example : Into, over, with, across, towards etc.

Types of Adverbs

Short Quiz

Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

➤ Choose the correct preposition :
1. Little Tommy sat on the mat.

2. My Old mother went to the temple.

3. Vijay and Rakesh fought for the cake.

4. Humpty Dumpty went in the jungle.

5. Vedanti and Vidya runs through the town.

6. I shall do it with pleasure.

Your score is:

Correct answers:

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