Ling-v-tyache Prakar

Phrases :

Phrases means a group of words which do not make sense on their own.

➪ A phrase does not contain a subject of doing an action.
➪ As well as a phrase does not contain a verb.
➪ A phrase can be short or long.

Example :
➥ inside the tub
➥ in the sky
➥ for the movie
➥ at the school

➪ With above example are not making any sense, when it added to a group of words containing a verb, it makes sense.

Example : ➥ Parcel (word)
➥ I received the parcel (clause)
➥ with a great speed (phrase)
➥ I received the parcel today with a great speed. (sentence)

There are seven types of Phrases:
1] Noun Phrase
2] Adjective Phrase
3] Verb Phrase
4] Adverbial Phrase
5] Prepositional Phrase
6] Conjunctional Phrase
7] Interjectional Phrase

1] Noun Phrase :

A Noun phrase consist of a noun and its works as subject or object or a complement in the sentence. It includes modifiers as well.

Example :
➥ the nice bat
➥ soft and wrinkle-free cloth

2] Adjective Phrase :

A phrase is comprised of an adjective and works as a single adjective in the sentence is called an adjective phrase.

Example :
➥ of friendly nature
➥ very curious

3] Verb Phrase :

A Verb phrases consist of a verb and its modifiers.

Example :
➥ were waiting for play
➥ in a hurry.

4] Adverbial Phrase :

An adverbial phrase modify the verbs or adverbs, or adjective and they act as an adverb in the sentence.

Example :
➥ after the class
➥ as soon as possible

5] Prepositional Phrase :

A prepositional phrase is includes a preposition and a noun. They always begin with own and connects noun. A prepositional phrase is acts as either an adjective or an adverb in the sentence.

Example :
➥ on the way
➥ before school

6] Conjunctional Phrase :

A conjunctional phrase works as a conjunction in the sentence.

Example :
➥ as soon as
➥ in order that

7] Interjectional Phrase :

Interjections phrase have more than one Interjection words.

Example :
➥ what a beauty!
➥ oh no!

Types of Nouns

Short Quiz

Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

A] Choose the correct phrase.
1] She climb ___________.
on the table
over the hill
under lock and key

2] The decided to meet _______.
in the garden
at the station

3] He looks her __________.
with great care
for a fortnight
of great value

4] Bhavi wake up __________.
at the tree
in the morning
on the bench

B] Find the phrase from the sentence.
5] Raghav is labour of great worth.
of great worth
is labour of
labour of great.

6] Vedanti thanked Grishma for all the help.
thanked Grishma for
all the help
Grishma for all

7] Neel left all the books at the library.
all the books
the books at
at the library

8] He was drive a bike at a great speed.
drive a bike at
at a great speed
bike at a great

Your score is:

Correct answers:

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