Interjection and its types

Interjection :

A word which is used to express a specific emotion such as joy, surprise, wonder, anger, sentiment and appreciation is called interjection or exclamation .

More explanation :
➪ Interjection is one of parts of speech.
➪ Interjection used to express our sudden emotions or strong feeling such as joy, sorrow, excitement, attention, approval, anger and enthusiasm etc.
➪ Most of time interjection words are used at beginning of the sentence with this "!" punctuation mark.

➪ Some low or mild interjection words are comes with comma "," punctuation mark, i.e. yes, no, good, well etc.

Example : Well, Oh, Good, Wow, Hey, No, Hello, oops, yup, Bingo, Hurray etc.
➥ Hey! Get out of the class.
➥ Oh! it’s too bad.
➥ Wow! This is really good news.

➽ Types of Interjection :
There are seven types of interjection.
1] Interjection of Joy
2] Interjection of Sorrow
3] Interjection of Surprise
4] Interjection of Admire/ Approval
5] Interjection of Greeting
6] Interjection of Attention
7] Other Interjections

1] Interjection of Joy :
An interjection word is used to express sudden feelings of joy or happiness in a sentence is called Interjection of Joy.

Example : Wow, Hurray, Yippee etc.
➥ Wow! It’s so beautiful.
➥ Hurray! We won the match.
➥ Yippee! We all are going for a picnic.

2] Interjection of Sorrow :
An interjection word is used to express feelings of painful, sadness or sorrow in a sentence is called Interjection of Sorrow .

Example :Oh no, Alas, Oops, Ouch etc.
➥ Oops! Too bad it happened.
➥ Oh no! how badly injured he is.
➥ Alas! he is no more now.

3] Interjection of Surprise :
An interjection word is used to express a sense of wonder or surprise in a sentence is called Interjection of Surprise .

Example : ah, oh, what, Oh, Ah, Aha, Hey etc.
➥ Oh! What a vast ocean.
➥ Hey! You really did pass.
➥ Ah! how huge ground is this.

4] Interjection of Admire/ Approval :
A interjection word is used to expressed is the strong sense of admire or appreciation or approval is called Interjection of Admire .

Example : Bravo, Well done, Great, Very well etc.
➥ Bravo! In the end you won.
➥ Great! Your game is classic.
➥ Well done! You draw a beautiful art.

5] Interjection of Greeting :
A interjection word is used to expressed the emotion to do a kind welcome of the person is called Interjection of Greeting.

Example : Hello, Hey, Hi etc.
➥ Hello! my self Vedanti.
➥ Hey! Nice to see you.
➥ Hi! How's your practice going on.

6] Interjection of Attention :
An interjection word is used to indicate the attention of someone is called Interjection of Attention.

Example : Listen, Look, Behold, Yoo-hoo etc.
➥ Listen! you can do this.
➥ Look! you are too slow.
➥ Yoo-hoo! Is there anyone.

Nouns : The name given to a people, objects, birds.... Read more...

7] Other Interjections :
Actually there are different kinds of emotions and feelings to express. It is difficult to make separate type for each, for that rest of the above are considered in other interjection.

➤ Anger, Understanding, Misunderstanding, Frustration or Annoyance etc. Example :
➥ Augh! I miss the train.
➥ Grr! I will not give you permission.

मराठी  विशेषण Quiz


Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

➤ Choose the Correct types of interjection :

1) _______! I won the match.

2) ______! Too bad it happened.

3) ____! What a vast ocean.

4) _______! my self Vedanti.

5) _______! is this yours.

6) ______! Your game is classic.

7) _______! You have done a great job.
Well done

8) _______! I miss the train.

Your score is:

Correct answers:

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