Adjective & Types of Adjective

Adjectives :

The word from which the attribute of a noun or pronoun is described is called an adjective.

Adjectives are describe or modify other words, generally placed before noun or pronoun.
Multiple adjectives may contain in one sentence.

Example :
➥ Ganesh live in a big city.
➥ Bhavi is very beautiful.

Adjectives are very easy to identify. First identify the noun or pronoun of the sentence.
Then ask him questions like how, how much, which, where etc.

➤ In the above sentence, "Ganesh", "Bhavi" are the nouns. also "big" and "very beautiful" are the Adjectives.

⤳ In which city did Ganesh live? - Then we will get the answer - (big)
⤳ How is the Bhavi ? - Then we will get the answer -(very beautiful)

➽ Types of Adjective : There are seven types of Adjective.
1. Descriptive Adjective
2. Quantitative Adjective
3. Demonstrative Adjective
4. Numeral Adjective
5. Interrogative Adjective
6. Distributive Adjectives
7. Possessive Adjective

➤ Let's see each types in detailed :

1. Descriptive Adjective or Adjective of Quality :

The adjective which describe the qualities of the object like color, shape, size and quality is called Descriptive Adjective.
Example :
➥ India is a beautiful country in the world.
➥ Japan is a very advanced country.
➥ Vedanti has a red frock.

➤ In the sentence above "beautiful", "very advanced" and "red" are adjectives.

2. Quantitative Adjective :

The adjective which describe the quantity of the object is called Quantitative Adjective. Example :
➥ Harsh drink a half liter of milk.
➥ Tanmayee eats a little food.
➥ Harshali has brought five meters of cloth.

➤ In the sentence above "half liter", "little" and "five meters" are adjectives.

It can be classified in two subtypes :

a) Definite Quantitative Adjective :

These adjective shows the definite number of object.
Example : half liter, quarter meter etc.

b) Indefinite Quantitative Adjective :

These adjective shows the indefinite number of object.
Example : some meter, few boundaries, extra books etc.

3. Demonstrative Adjective :

The pronoun which comes before the noun, and the attribute of the noun, is called a Demonstrative adjective.
➥ That guy does a good job.
➥ This movie is really good.
➥ Your dress is very pretty.

➤ In the sentence above "that", "this" and "your" are adjectives.

4. Numeral Adjective :

The adjective which describe the quantity of the object in a specific numbers is called a Numeral Adjective.
➥ Ashish has eaten two fruits.
➥ Vishal has five friends.
➥ Harshali has brought four liters of milk.

➤ In the sentence above "two", "five" and "four" are numeral adjectives.

5. Interrogative Adjective :

The adjective word which is used to ask the question to identify the noun, is called a Interrogative Adjective.
➥ What thing have you brought?
➥ Whose book is this?
➥ Which options will you select ?
➤ In the sentence above "what", "whose" and "which" are adjectives.

6. Distributive Adjectives :

The adjective word shows whether noun is taken singly or as a group, is called a Distributive Adjective.
➥ Raman gave every boy a book.
➥ All students to gather in the ground.

➤ In the sentence above "every", "all" are adjectives.

7. Possessive Adjective :

The adjective word shows the possession, is called a Possessive Adjective.
➥ This is my brother.
➥ That is your pen.
➥ Those are their uniforms.

➤ In the sentence above "my", "your" and "their" are adjectives.

Possessive Adjective can be classified into following three subtypes :
First Person : my, our
Second Person : your
Third Person : his, theirs, her, its

Types of Adjectives

Short Quiz

Let's check with this short quiz, what you understand.

➤ Identify the correct adjective. :
1. It was kind of Manoj to help the old man.

2. We should not eat raw vegetable.

3. My mother got me expensive toys.

4. She is too proud to admit her faults.

5. Akash is stronger than Mahesh.

6. You should clean your teeth twice in a day.

Your score is:

Correct answers:

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