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Aesop Fables Short Stories | Standard 4th English

Aesop Fables Short Stories | Standard 4th English: 2. Aesop’s Fables | All Question Answers: Aesop’s Fables meaning in Hindi, fables for kids, Aesop’s fables morals and messages stories, In this article, we will understand what is Aesop’s fables and its meaning. Check the question answer of the lesson “Aesop Fables” from Standard 4th.

What are Aesop’s Fable means:

Fables are short stories that have a moral or message for us. We learn a lot from these stories. Keep a lesson forever in our life to be a good human beings. Most of the fables are about animal characters, they act like human beings. So kids’ interest is increased to read them and also they easy to remember.
It is believed that many of the fables were first told by a wise person called Aesop. That’s why these stories are called Aesop’s Fables. Aesop is from Greece. His stories became so popular that people passed them on from one generation to another. Many proverbs and sayings that we use today are from these fables it means these stories. (Aesop Fables)

Question: Answers : (Aesop Fables)

Stories 1) The Stag at the pool and 2) The dog in the manger :

1. Answer the following questions:

a) Name the person who first told these fables.
Ans: Aesop is the name of the person who first told these fables.

b) What did the stag like about himself? Why?
Ans: The stag liked his curving antlers. Because they made him beautiful.

c) What was the stag unhappy with? Why?
Ans: The stag was unhappy with his legs. Because they were ugly and spindly with small feet.

d) What did the dog do when the ox went near the manger?
Ans: The dog began to bark loudly when the ox went near the manger.

e) Write the message of these two stories.
Ans: i) We should not dislike the things, which do not look good but are very useful.
ii) We should not stop others when we don’t use them ourselves.

2. Read aloud the following speeches from the lesson:

a) What the stag said when he saw his reflection.
Ans: Stag said “How handsome I look! How beautiful are these curving antlers! they add to my beauty! How graceful they look!

b) What the stag said at the end.
Ans: Stag said “I realize now that my ugly feet saved my life. I was so proud of these handsome antlers, but they would have been the cause of my death. Very often we dislike things that are most useful to us.”

c) What the ox said to the dog in the manger.
Ans: Dog, if you wanted to share my dinner with me, I would not mind it. But you neither eat the hay nor allow me to enjoy it. It is of no use to you. Then why don’t you let me have my favorite food? Don’t begrudge others what you don’t enjoy yourself.”

3. Find the smaller words hidden in the following words:

Delighted: Get, hide, did, height, light, eight
Reflection: Reflect, fit, let, ten, one, net, elect.
Graceful: Grace, are, ace, gel, feal, race.
Hunter: Hen, run, hut, turn, nut, net, ten,
Thicket: Thick, ticket, chit, hit it, hike.
Growth: Grow, worth, tow, throw, row, got.
Dislike: Like, slide, lie, die, is, lid.
Afternoon: After, noon, fat, net, eat, foot, ten, earn
Firmly: Firm, film, filmy,
Upset: Up, set, pet, use, pest, put.

4. Find synonyms for:

Delighted: Happy, Joyful, Glad
Beautiful: Handsome, Pretty
Disgusted: Offended, Repulsed.
Bounded: Hopped, restricted.

5. Give the answer:

The stag saw his reflection in the water. Name at least three things in which one may see a reflection. Name three things that do not reflect anything.
Things in which one may see a reflection:
Mirror, Water, Clean steel dish.

Things that do not reflect anything: Book, Pad, School bag

6. Find and write the names of ten countries.

i) India
ii) Russia
iii) Japan
iv) Bhutan
v) Nepal
vi) Srilanka
vii) Brazil
viii) Australia
ix) Canada
x) America

Aesop Fables :

So here we know about Aesop’s fables, their meaning, where they start, how it is popular and what type of stories are in them.


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